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Pet Sitting Services in Wesley Chapel, FL

Christian S.

June 26, 2022

Glenda is an exceptional pet sitter - kind, caring, and incredibly reliable. I have entrusted her with my sweet beagle, Bailey, on multiple occasions when I've had to go out of town. Bailey is an older dog and requires special care and attention, which Glenda provides with ease. She makes sure Bailey gets her special food and medicine, takes her on walks, gives her baths, and showers her with love and attention.

Glenda treats my dog as if she were her own, which brings me great peace of mind while I'm away. She's great at keeping me updated with text messages and pictures of Bailey, which is a thoughtful touch that I appreciate. I would highly recommend Glenda as a pet care giver - she's simply the best!

Drop-in Visits: The BEST Choice for Your Best Friend.

When you're away from home, you want to ensure that your furry family member is well-cared for, comfortable, and at ease. That's why we believe that drop-in visits are the best option for your pet. Unlike traditional boarding facilities, your pet gets to stay in the familiar environment of their own home, free of stressors that come with being in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar animals. Drop-in visits allow your pet to maintain their routine, receive individualized attention, and feel secure and relaxed in their home environment. We visit your pet at your requested times to provide love and attention, feed, and even take your pet on a walk if needed. With drop-in visits, you can leave town with peace of mind.

Providing Love and Care to Your Furry Friend When You Can't!

Looking for professional pet drop-in services? Look no further than our top-rated pet sitting business. Our experienced team provides exercise, playtime, affection, and basic training for dogs, as well as care for cats, birds, fish, and other furry friends. 

Treating Your Home and Pets Like Our Own

We specialize in caring for puppies, kittens, seniors, and special needs pets, and can handle tasks such as feeding, refreshing water, cleaning litter boxes/cages, bringing in mail/packages, watering plants, and administering medications. Whether you’re working late or on vacation, you can trust us to keep your pets happy and healthy while you’re away. 

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We understand that entrusting the care of your pet to a stranger is difficult. Autumn’s Bed & Biscuit is a pet sitting service you can trust.